Connecting Patients and Healthcare Teams Through Medical-Grade Data

Take Control of Your Recovery Journey

We give healthcare providers and their patients the data they need for better outcomes.

Our revolutionary new technology supports healthcare systems by monitoring a patient after surgery, or an athlete after injury. We show real-time proof of progress, and monitor for early problems to help patients and healthcare practitioners optimize recovery plans so people recover better.

Supporting a Patient’s Journey

Heart surgery patients are fitted with a device to monitor their progress during the critical recovery period. But if the same person undergoes surgery on a joint, no such technology is monitoring swelling, temperature, and range of motion. This can lead to visits to the Emergency Room, low satisfaction scores, lost revenue, and poor patient outcomes, especially after an outpatient procedure when the patient is sent home alone.

Inkwell Health equips patients with the knowledge and power to help them better understand their bodies, while supporting healthcare teams with real-time data.

No two bodies are the same and no two musculoskeletal recovery journeys are the same. We give patients the knowledge and power to help them better understand their healing process, and their healthcare teams the tools to support their best recovery.

Make Data-Driven Decisions


Medical-grade data provides practical knowledge of when a change or symptom is normal or cause for concern. This reduces return visits and the use of costly medical imaging equipment to diagnose post-operative issues. 

Physical Therapists

Patients are empowered to complete all treatments with data that shows how far they’ve come, how their body is responding, and how much further they need to go.


Understand exactly how recovery is progressing, so they know when they are recovering well, or need support. It will indicate how well the recovery plan is working, and allows easy communication with the patient and the healthcare team.

About Us

We provide real time, remote medical-grade data, so that healthcare teams can monitor musculoskeletal surgery patients and injured athletes at risk of swelling, and achieve their best recovery. We help people feel safe after a surgery or sports injury, recover at home and heal better on their own!
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