Remote Therapeutic Monitoring for Physical Therapy Clinics

A first of its kind in the industry.

When patients don’t see the results they were expecting following musculoskeletal surgery or injury, they are less satisfied with their care, and less likely to complete their full rehab program. 

The result is their body doesn’t heal properly and they often end up in the emergency, or risk needing more surgery, or a manipulation.

What if you could use remote monitoring to attract patients, and support them in completing their treatment plan?

Our remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) tattoo allows physical therapists to document, deliver, and bill for remote management and care of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. 

By offering a data-driven approach to remote recovery monitoring, we equip patients and their healthcare team with the tools to capture health data and optimize recovery.

What if you could bill for follow-up calls?

Because our RTM tattoo and App generate medical-grade data accepted by payors, instructional calls and follow up calls to review the patients data can be billed. Our training and a billing code guide ensure you’re compensated fully for supporting your patients.

We even make it easy!

We know that the hardest part of any new tool is making it work within your clinic. Our training, sales support, workflow recommendations, and billing guides mean  you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to make it all work. We’re on call, and here to make your life easier.

How Our RTM Tattoos Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

  • Allows you to monitor patient recovery remotely with medical-grade data
  • Enables individuals to track their own progress through an app
  • Enhances communication between you and your patients
  • Empowers you to provide remote physical therapy when in-person is not possible

Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring

Reduce missed appointments with remote monitoring

Patients are empowered to complete all treatments with data that shows how far they’ve come, how their body is responding, and how much further they need to go. They don’t even need to drive to the clinic.

Generate efficiencies + bill for follow-ups

Remote monitoring and follow-ups save time, while enabling increased billings.

Data-driven knowledge

Alerts for immediate action, such as an increase in swelling or temperature, allow you to notify a patient to seek medical attention.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients feel connected and in control, leading to improved outcomes, better patient satisfaction, and greater success.

Want to Know More?

Learn how this exciting new technology can help your physical therapy practice.
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